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Any Provider That Bills High Dollar Claims Including:

Who Would Benefit From Bulwark's Services?

Identify and address ambiguity in billing and


Protect providers from

predatory payers and venders.

Identify inventory and services that are unbilled and ineffective.

Review existing

contracts and advise with

any needed changes

Bring Transparency to Payers' Reimbursement Methodologies and Expectations.

Take a proactive approach in 

evaluating claims reviews 

and best practices

Ensure providers are

aligned for optimal 

cost savings

Using experience to create 

more efficient, expedient, and

defensible strategies.

Clarify and Identify the nuances of many payer type and strategies

Identify, review, and consult on Payer's attempts to recoup payments.

Services We Offer

It is easy to get started with Bulwark!

  • Provider fills out a simple evaluation form and submits to Bulwark.

  • Bulwark and Provider engage in 30-minute call to assess what services will best help that Provider.

  • Bulwark sends proposal to Provider

  • Engagement

  • Delivery (HIPAA COMPLIANT)

  • Set up HIPAA complaint way to exchange data (Bulwark is flexible and can use our existing technologies or use the Provider's technology)

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