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  • Workers Compensation Payers

  • Unions / Trade Associations

  • Traditional Health Insurers

  • Governments (States, Counties, and Municipalities)

  • Self-Funded Employer Groups

  • Third Party Administrators

  • Stop Loss Carriers / Reinsurance Companies

  • MGUs

Any Organization That Is at Risk for Medical or Pharmacy Claims Including:

Who Would Benefit From Bulwark's Services?

Services We Offer

*Many of our services are offered based on a percentage of savings, so Bulwark does not get paid unless the customer realizes savings.

Medical Billing and Claims Reviews

PBM Contract


Usual & Customary Review With Repricing Services*

Risk Management


Deep Dive Into Emergency Medicine Claims

Examination of

Drugs Billed

Expensive Specialty Drug Cost Containment Services*

Settlement Negotiations With Both in-Network and Out-of-Network Providers*

Underwriting Consulting Services

Workers Compensation Claims Reviews and Negotiations


It is easy to get started with Bulwark!

  1. Sign a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to allow us to jointly work on Protected Health Information (PHI).

  2. Sign a Client Services Agreement

  3. Receive your Bulwark single point of contact and introduce us to your organization’s point of contact for the claims review process.


  • Bulwark integrates our processes with your processes to make reviewing your claims as seamless as possible, and without creating extra work for your organization.

  • Send us some high dollar claims to prescreen for potential savings, and receive our Savings Recommendations Report.

Start Saving!
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